I just wanted to write & say a massive thank you to McLeod Cranes & Bayswim for sponsoring a term of free swimming lessons for our daughter over the past 2 winters.

She started swimming lessons in term 2 of last year, purely as a result of your kind offer. She was under a year old at the time but immediately loved her lessons & is a total water babe. Her confidence grows all the time & one of the other parents in our class recently asked me if she was part fish! I am sure she will continue improving, & it’s amazing to see her already swimming a short distance by herself & floating unaided on both her back & now stomach. These are incredible skills for a young child to have & it is all thanks to you.

We are lucky enough to have Amy as our teacher & she is wonderful so big kudos to her, always smiling & friendly, the kids (& this Mum!) love her. Susan is always super helpful too & the staff in the office so thank you to all of them.

The other thing I would like to say is that it’s great being able to use the pools for free outside of her lessons. We definitely haven’t taken advantage of this enough, but are planning to squeeze in a few more visits before the end of term. We also have a son who is 6 years old, & I only wish the same opportunities had been available when he was younger. We couldn’t afford lessons for him & so he hasn’t learnt to swim yet but is gradually learning some of the same skills his sister has mastered. We will be doing lots of practice this summer!

Thank you, thank you, thank you McLeod Cranes & Bayswim for the incredible support in teaching our baby to swim. We truly appreciate it.


With warmest regards,
Chantelle & family


December 2017

Chantelle & Family

“I just wanted to send some feedback regarding the Swimming lessons at Greerton pool. The teachers we have had have all been awesome. I have appreciated their professionalism, friendliness and great ability to guide my daughter and others in her class to extend their individual swimming abilities. I have taken my daughter to other lessons before but she has not progressed as quickly as she has in this one term of swimming with BaySwim.

I think there are a number of factors that have contributed to this including the constant review of swimming ability each lesson with the ability to move classes as indicated, small class sizes (2-3), the free swimming after the class and at local pools over the summer which has increased my daughters eagerness to learn to swim, have fun and grow confidence in the water.

So I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff at Greerton including the friendly reception who make these changes and any questions simple. We look forward to the next quarter of lessons with BaySwim.”

June 2017


“I have two kids in years 3 and 4 who recently participated in the Water Skills for Life Programme at Baywave.

I have already spoken to the instructors about how much the kids enjoyed the course and what a great impact it has had on their water confidence, I hope this feedback is useful to you guys too.

My kids are all in lessons and are able to swim but since I have 4 kids and generally bring them swimming by myself I very rarely take them out of their depth in the water.  With the result they usually feel quite uncomfortable in deeper water.

Since completing this programme my elder 3 are now not only comfortable but v confident in their abilities to swim in deeper water.  They have excitedly showing me how they can tread water and have really shown a new freedom in the water in they didn’t feel before.

I am really pleased that they took part in this; my kids have been provided with skills that neither my husband nor I would have been able to give them (we arrived from the uk about 18 months ago and the only boat we have ever been on is a car ferry!).”

30 May 2017


“Thank you for the wonderful swimming place the Bay learn to swim is. My son had a lot of fun. Love that you have family changing rooms.”

15 June 2017