Bayswim Team

Claire Edmonds

BaySwim Manager

I am privileged to be involved in Learn To Swim in the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand’s fastest growing town with beautiful beaches. I love getting to know the families, and their community, as they come in to support, enhance, and grow their swimming skills. Staying safe in the water, learning to become as awesome…

Lauren McLellan

BaySwim Coordinator

I have grown up in and around water, and I think that learning to swim is a vital life skill. I love to see the children progress and master new skills. The smiles on their faces are priceless.

Rebecca Collins

BaySwim On Deck Supervisor Team Leader

I have been involved in swimming all my life. Growing up I became a competitive swimmer, and had parents actively involved in the world of swimming. I am passionate about Learn To Swim and love watching children achieve a life skill. The best bit about my job is having fun and making memories that will…


Swim Teacher

“Come get lost with me in my super fun development focussed classes”


Swim Teacher

“I want to see people of all ages grow in their swimming ability and be proud of their accomplishments”


Swim Teacher

“My passion is to watch kids growing and developing a skill that is important, which they will keep for life. Sharing the moment when they achieve something is just a priceless joy”


BaySwim Mascot

“My purpose is to make our community safer by providing the highest quality swimming lessons and water education programmes”


swim teacher


Swim Teacher

“I like to help prevent loss of Life and promote survival in the water, along with having fun while teaching skills”


Swim Teacher

“My passion is to enable more people of all ages and backgrounds to learn to swim and be safe and around the water”


Swim Teacher

“I love seeing the kids enjoying themselves in the water and being proud of what they accomplish each week”


Swim Teacher

“I aim to develop a life-long love of water, making it a safe place to play, compete or relax”


Swim Teacher

“I feel so lucky to be doing a job I love! I am passionate about the importance of learning to swim, and about teaching a life skill so children can have fun, yet be safe in and around water. Working with children is so rewarding, their honesty and enthusiasm is contagious”


Swim Teacher

“I am proud to teach a life-long skill and watch my students’ progress”


Swim Teacher

“I love to see all of the kids improving each week”


Swim Teacher

“I enjoy teaching children of all ages and seeing them improve”


swim teacher

“I love being able to teach children a skill that they will use for life”


Swim Teacher

“I have a passion to teach the life skills of water safety. Seeing children being confident in and around water is truly rewarding”


Swim Teacher


Swim Teacher

“Water safety is an important life skill and I am very proud to be able to share this knowledge with the children and staff I meet in through the ‘Schools in Pools’ programme. I enjoy watching children’s confidence grow in the water and having fun, whilst being safe”


Swim Teacher

“I love teaching a life skill that they will have forever”




Swim Teacher

“Being a swimming instructor is the most rewarding job for me.  Seeing kids happy and excited to learn a life skill and grow in water confidence while having fun.  Watching them attempt something that they would never do, is amazing”