McLeod Cranes Sponsored Swimming Lessons for Babies

Learn to swim with BaySwim in Quarter 2 and get rewarded with a 50% discount for Aquababe lessons in Quarter 3!

Thanks to our generous sponsors McLeod Cranes, you can save $72*

Aquababes is our specialised learn to swim programme for toddlers and babies.

We aim to promote safety skills, a love of swimming, and a sense of confidence and independence for toddlers and babies.

Our swimming lessons focus on getting babies comfortable in the water and teaching them basic co-ordination, as well as early awareness and survival skills.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Quarter 2 starts 30 April 2018 and runs until 22 July 2018.
  • You must be a paid BaySwim Aquababe member by end of week four of Quarter 2 (Sunday 27 May) to qualify for the sponsored swimming in Quarter 3.
  • If you start swimming with us after the qualifying date, then there is no sponsorship available and you will be charged our standard lesson charge for Quarter 3.
  • Your baby must be under three as at the start of Quarter 3 which is 23 July 2018.

Quarter Dates

Quarter 1

30 January 2018 –

29 April 2018

Quarter 2

30 April 2018 –

22 July 2018

Quarter 3

23 July 2018 –

14 October 2018

Quarter 4

15 October 2018 –

21 December 2018