These are some of the frequently asked questions we recieve! If what you’re looking for isn’t here then you can always get in touch with our team for more information.


Q: When do we move up a level at BaySwim?

A: After two consecutive weeks of achieving the move up criteria for a level, the teacher will let the On Deck Supervisor know that you or your child are ready for the next level. You can then book the new level with our friendly reception team.


Q: Who do I ask for feedback on how my child’s swimming is going

A: To ensure our teachers focus fully on delivering great lessons for the whole 30 minutes, it is preferred you talk to the On Deck Supervisor, who can tell you the move up criteria, and how your child is progressing towards them. They can also give you some tips and tricks to make improvements happen quicker.


Q: The lessons seem to be the same every week – can you add some variety?

A: All our instructors follow a programme designed to create technical swimmers with good stamina. Children and adults learn through repetition, so we have programmes that are repeated until all the skills are achieved. We like to leave playtime as a reward for after the lesson.


Q: Do I or my child need to wear a swimming cap to lessons?

A: We recommend swimming caps for children over 3 years of age, as they remove the distraction of hair getting into faces and eyes when swimming. It also helps pool hygiene, and keeps swimmers comfortable by keeping water out of ears.


We have great ranges of googles and swimwear available for purchase at the receptions of the pools. As a BaySwimming family you also get a 10% discount.


Q: Does my child need to wear a swimming nappy?

A: If they are not fully toilet trained, then yes please.


Q: Classes in the beginning stages are only 30 minutes. Could they be longer?

A: It’s hard work in a BaySwim lesson, as we like to keep children moving. Once someone is tired, their ability to practice a skill to a good level is impaired. If you want more swimming time, a great strategy is to book two lessons a week.


Q: Why does my swimming instructor sometimes change each term?

A: We work hard to have the same instructors take the same level each term. You may find your instructor has changed, as the level you are swimming at has changed. It is hard to stop people getting sick


Q:  My child wants to get ready for school swimming sports.  When does diving get introduced?

A:  Race starts and diving are introduced in the 45minute BaySwim classes.  BaySwim also offers Race Preparation classes during the school holidays.

Managing Absence

Q: What do I do if I know we are going to miss some lessons?

A: Please use this form to let us know of the absence. Or you can email, ring, or talk to one of our team.


Q: If I miss a lesson, can I make up for the lesson missed?

A: BaySwim offers one make-up session per participant, per swim school quarter, free of charge for unforeseen reasons such as illness or injury. Make-up lessons must occur within the same swim school quarter and can be booked two days in advance, subject to availability.