Book from 1 to 5 lessons
1, 2 or 3 weeks

Holiday Development Clinics

About Holiday Development Clinics

Want one lesson during the holidays, or up to five lessons over the course of a week? Either way, we can cater for you.

Please note: Book fast if requiring five-days as this option is in demand.

About Holiday Development Clinics

Times: Choose from either 30 minute or 45 minute options
Cost: $15 (30 minutes); $16 (45 minutes)
Where: Baywave + Greerton

Holiday Development Clinics are an excellent way to maintain, or fast track, swimming progress.

BaySwim offers a selection of extension programmes available at both Baywave and Greerton Pools.

Our programme will run on the following dates:


Week One:        Monday 8 July – Friday 12 July

Week Two:        Monday 15 July – Friday 19 July



You can book in for one to five swim lessons over each week.

All current BaySwim customers receive a 15% discount for the Holiday Development Clinics and Extension Programmes.


All BaySwim customers booked in for the Holiday Development Clinics get free access to the pools during their enrolled period.