Adult Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim at any age is rewarding, and can be fun. Learning to swim means you will be able to try new sports, stay fit through swimming, and learn to enjoy the water.

At BaySwim, we have instructors who will work with you to develop confidence, skills and fitness in the water.

We provide four levels of instruction:

Level 1 Beginners

At level 1 our focus is on building water confidence and covering basic swimming strokes

Level 2 Improver

At level 2 our focus is on continuing to build stroke technique

Level 3 Technique

At level 3 our focus is on stroke technique, fitness, and learning Breaststroke.

Private Lessons

Group lessons aren’t for everyone, so ask us about private lessons, which can be tailored to your needs

Our Pools

BaySwim’s learn to swim pools are kept at a slightly higher temperature so you will remain comfortable for the duration of your swimming lesson.

Qualified pool water technicians manage the water in all of our pools so you have the highest quality water to swim in.

Greerton has a high spec filtration system, while Baywave is treated by ultraviolet light (similar to the way our drinking water is treated) meaning extremely low levels of chlorine.