Our pre-school swimming lessons are for children aged between three-to-five years and focus on maintaining and growing their confidence and enjoyment in the water.

We give them the skills needed to become more independent swimmers by developing their basic water safety knowledge and co-ordination in the water, and teaching them to swim and survive.

Your child will be part of a small class to allow more individual tuition and swimming time. Once the level criteria is met and when they are ready they can advance at their own rate. This keeps their interest fresh and the lessons exciting and challenging.

Lessons are offered at two venues around Tauranga, Baywave and Greerton, seven days a week, all year round.

$14 per

Toddlers aged
3-5 years

Max. 4 students
per class

30 minute

Our Pools

To ensure that both you and your child remain comfortable for the duration of your swimming lesson, Baywave and Greerton learn to swim pools are kept at a slightly higher temperature.

Qualified water technicians also manage the water in all of our pools so you have the highest quality water to swim in.

Greerton has a high spec filtration system, while Baywave is treated by ultraviolet light (similar to the way our drinking water is treated) meaning extremely low levels of chlorine.