Adult Swimming

Adult Swimming

Learning to swim at any age is rewarding and can be fun, but we recognise that many are fearful of the water and so lessons must be given with sensitivity and trust. Our instructors have taught many adults to swim and will work with you to develop confidence, skills and fitness in the water. Come and learn with us, so you can confidently step into the Bay of Plenty waters with added enjoyment and safety.

You may have done swimming lessons in school, but have you been in the water since?

Adult Swim Lessons aren’t just for new swimmers!

Follow Karlie, a 28 year old who can keep herself afloat but has no water confidence, technique or swimming stamina. Karlie has signed up to a term of Adult Swimming Lessons and you can follow her swimming journey on her blog!



About Adult Swimming

Age: 16+ years
Where: Baywave + Greerton (warm pools)
When: 30 minutes, offered 5 days a week during school terms

Cost: $16.00 a lesson, with free swimming during your term of lessons

Note: We are committed to maximising the benefits of each lesson and our class sizes are kept small. Private lessons available for $16 (15 minutes duration).

We provide these levels:

Level 1 Beginners (30 min) – our focus is on building water confidence and covering basic freestyle and backstroke.
Level 2 Improver (30 min) – our focus is on freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke technique.
Level 3 Technique (30 min) – our focus is on freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke technique and starting to build some endurance.