School Age

School age swimming lessons are for students aged between five and 18 and have a strong focus on developing swimming technique. This also includes learning and becoming adept at all the different swimming strokes.

Safety is still paramount in our lessons, along with growing your child’s confidence in the water.

Our staff are highly trained to instruct and support every child’s¬†development while learning to swim. Our programme structure compliments progression through the levels as your child develops.

These levels, as with all our swim school levels, are set by ability rather than by age. This allows your child to move to the next level as soon as they have attained the required criteria. These swimming classes run seven days a week, all year round and are 30 minutes long.

Starting from $14 per lesson

Students aged 6-18 years

Max. 9 students per class

Our Pools

BaySwim’s learn to swim pools are a slightly higher temperature so that your child will remain comfortable for the duration of their swimming lesson.

Qualified pool water technicians manage the water in all of our pools so they have the highest quality water to swim in.

Greerton has a high spec filtration system, while Baywave is treated by ultraviolet light (similar to the way our drinking water is treated) meaning extremely low levels of chlorine.